Ratan Tata

Who Is Ratan Tata And What Does He Do?


Ratan Tata is an Indian business tycoon. He helped develop the concept of low-cost airlines around the world, and was chairman of the Tata Group. India’s current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is also one of his former employees. This article will cover what he does for a living and why he is so successful.

What Does Ratan Tata Do?

Ratan Tata is the chairman emeritus of the Tata group, one of the largest private enterprises in the world. He is also a prolific philanthropist and has pledged to give away 99% of his wealth to charitable causes.

 He has been a major figure in Indian business and has played an instrumental role in helping India become one of the leading economies in the world.

Ratan Tata: Biography

Ratan Tata is an Indian business magnate, Chairman Emeritus of the Tata Group, and former chairman of the board of directors of the Tata Motors Company. He is also a member of the International Advisory Board at The Wharton School and a Visiting Professor at Columbia Business School.

Tata was born on November 18, 1918 in Bombay (now Mumbai), into an eminent Parish family. His father, Ratna Pal Tata, was managing director of the Tata Group. After schooling at Stony Hurst College and Worcester College, Oxford, he returned to India to work for his father’s business. In 1945, he became managing director of Tata Steel Limited, a post he held until 1957.

He then served as chairman of Tata Sons Ltd from 1957 to 1981, and as chairman of the board of directors of Tata Motors from 1981 to 1991. In 1991, he retired from active management but remained chairman emeritus of all three companies.

In October 2008, he was appointed honorary chairperson for life of the National Institute for Transforming India (NITI Aayog), an autonomous body under the Ministry of Finance responsible for formulating and implementing government policy in the area of economic transformation.

Who is Ratan Tata?

Ratan Tata is a legend in the Indian business world. He has had a long and successful career in both the private and public sectors, and his companies have played a major role in India’s economic development.

Tata was born on October 28, 1916, in the town of Ratan pur, in the state of Rajasthan. After completing his schooling there, he studied at the Rajasthan College of Engineering and Technology (now known as RIT). In 1939, he joined the Tata Group as an engineer.

Over the next few years, he worked his way up through the ranks, becoming president of Tata Sons Ltd. in 1954 and chairman of the entire group two years later.

Tata’s early career was focused on developing the Tata Group’s textile businesses. In 1954, he founded what would become India’s largest textile company, Tata Cotton Mills Limited.

Under his leadership, this company grew rapidly into one of India’s leading industrial entities. In 1967, Tata Sons Ltd. merged with several other companies to form the giant conglomerate now known as Tata Group Ltd.


Ratan Tata is an Indian business magnate and the Chairman of the Tata Group. He has a net worth of $24.9 billion as of March 2017, making him India’s second wealthiest person after Mukesh Ambani. Ratan Tata is also one of India’s most famous entrepreneurs, having founded several businesses including the Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors car companies.

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