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The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO means straight and simple to rank your website in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube). SEO is a search engine software. Search engine optimization is designed to find websites. They systematically search the World Wide Web for specific information specified in a text search query. And the user results are usually a row of quantities referred to as the results page.

The direct and simple meaning of Search Engine Optimization is to determine the rank of your website in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube). If you have a website, blog, video, when you submit your website, blog, video to these search engines.

So the search engine in which you submit your website, blog, video, the robotic tool of those search engine comes to your website and reads your website and checks all the search engine algorithm that you follow. And that’s why he examines them. According to how many algorithms you have followed, the ranking of your website is determined according to the number of algorithms you have followed, due to which the ranking of your website is decided.

High Traffic

As your website is ranked in the search engines, then whenever the service related to your website is needed by the user. Your website is used after searching keywords, if your website is coming in first or second, third place, then you will benefit a lot from it.
90% of the world’s people enter the keywords in the search bar, then click on the first, second, third of them, if your website is showing here then you get high traffic from here and millions of visitors can come to your website.

Website Branding

If people are liking your service, people are using your service, then your branding becomes in the people and your name starts spreading more and you become more famous with that service.

The name of your website also increases. Like your website is ranking on good position and millions of visitors are coming to your website daily and you are getting good sales, well your business is growing, then branding is done in your logo. And you can grow your business.

Business Growth 

If your website is ranking on good position, people are searching in Google with keywords related to your website and your website is ranking on those keywords, you are getting millions of visitors daily and visitor is shopping on your website. This is using the service of your website, after doing all this you are getting good ROI (Return of Investment), all your work is going well and your business grows. You will make a lot of profit from this thing.

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