The Design Secrets Behind the Squid Game Logo: A Deep Dive


Introduction: “Squid Game” is a Netflix series that has taken the world by storm with its gripping story, unique characters, and stunning visuals. One of the most memorable aspects of the show is its logo, which features a striking image of a pink square with an intricate design. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the design secrets behind the Squid Game logo and explore why it’s such an effective and memorable piece of branding.

Background: The Squid Game logo was designed by a South Korean agency called Celltrion Entertainment. The agency was tasked with creating a logo that would capture the essence of the show and be instantly recognizable to audiences around the world. The resulting design is a simple yet striking image that has become one of the most iconic logos in recent memory.

Design Elements: The Squid Game logo features a pink square with rounded corners, which serves as the background for the design. The square is bordered by a thin white line, which helps to frame the image and give it a sense of depth.

Inside the pink square, we see a series of shapes and lines that form an intricate design. The design is based on a traditional Korean game called “squid game,” which is referenced in the show. The design features a circle with a cross inside, surrounded by four lines that intersect at the circle’s edges. This design is repeated several times within the pink square, creating a complex and visually interesting pattern.

Color Scheme: The pink color used in the Squid Game logo is a significant element of the design. The color is bright and eye-catching, making it easy to spot the logo from a distance. It’s also a color that’s associated with playfulness, innocence, and optimism, which makes it a fitting choice for a show that deals with heavy themes like survival and death.

Typography: The Squid Game logo doesn’t feature any text, which is an unusual choice for a logo. However, this decision was likely made to create a more minimalist and streamlined design that could be easily recognized and remembered by viewers.

Conclusion: The Squid Game logo is a masterclass in effective branding. It’s a simple yet memorable design that captures the essence of the show and creates a powerful visual identity. From the intricate design elements to the bright pink color, every aspect of the logo was carefully considered and executed to create a truly iconic piece of branding.

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