How Does Seo Work in 2023?


There are some easy processes of search engine optimization, through those processes your website, video, blog have to go through.

• Website Submission: The first process is website submission, like you create your website, blog, then you have to use Google’s web master tool. In web master tool you submit your website, blog.

• website crawling: The second process is that as soon as you submit your website, blog, video, the robotic tool of the search engine comes to your website and crawls all your pages, crawling all the content of your website thoroughly. And whoever crawls content or information that finds it new, they index the information in their Google servers.

• Website indexing: Website indexed Google’s robotic tool crawls your website and after crawling shows your website on the search engine result page and if there is any kind of content on your website, then a user searches relative to those pages. But your website shows or not, it is up to your ethic, if your content is natural and you must have done on page, off page, well. So your website can rank too.

• Website Ranking: After indexing your website’s ranking is determined, whose category your website belongs to is determined, which page it should get, after completing this process, your website will now go to the top of Google. Page and your users can view your website.

Types of Search Engine Optimization

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